súbete cada mountain

(In Alice’s first weeks, we spent many late nights and early, early mornings watching rebroadcasts of the Winter Olympics together).

This past Christmas day, at my grandparents’ house, and in the middle of it all, my mom started talking about, “Let’s go to this ‘Sound of Music’ singalong.”

My Nina Tricia came back with a Baroness Schrader line. She even did the accent. And I was thinking, “Oh, I want Alice to be a part of this.” (It was a month exactly before she was born.)

I don’t know why it happened, but “The Sound of Music” has sort of gotten all mixed up into the family glue. It makes me think of Thanksgiving – the opposite of lonely.

And I don’t remember learning the words to “Do-re-mi,” I just always knew them, I think.

My romantic ideals have matured from Lisesl and Rolfe’s rainy kiss in the gazebo to Maria and the Captain after the baroness has told him, “Auf Wiedersehen, darling.”

For here you are, standing there, loving me…

When I found out I was having Alice, I got sort of obstinate about wanting to talk to her only in Spanish, giving her a Spanish middle name, enrolling her in folklórico dancing and all that.

Which I guess is kind of funny, considering her mother is essentially a Valley Girl. Whose Spanish is garbled. Whose first name starts with a sound that’s sort of tricky for a lot of native speakers.

Anyway, it was about wanting her to claim a part of who I am. And wanting that part to claim her back.

A few days ago, a friend, Mario, called and said congratulations. He asked the baby’s name and “Is she guerita [ a little white girl] like you.”

Yeah, totally. To look at her, anyway.

A couple of nights ago, when she woke up, I started flipping television channels and stopped, when, there it was: Salzburg.

And next came the Von Trapp children, looking totally dejected because Fraulein Maria has left them without explanation. They are playing a really boring looking ball-toss game with the baroness. Max is complaining about the lemonade.

We were not awake very long. We both fell asleep soon after the part where the children go to the abbey, looking for Maria. And Alice was with me and she is a part of it.


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