leaps of faith

It was dicey.

Sunday morning, for Alice, was the kind of morning in which one basically hollers one’s pretty little head off, breaking for meals and catnaps.

But, I figured, “Eh. We’ll try it. See how it goes.”

So we got in the car, drove to St. Luke’s, found a seat on the aisle and plotted an exit route. An hour later? Alice had slept through her first Palm Sunday mass.

Walking back to the car, a lady said, “You have such a good baby.”

Well, obvs.

Then David called from work to warn me that a friend was on his way to our house, which I knew to be in an apalling state of untidiness. I got back there and willed Alice to stay asleep long enough for me to accomplish a super-fast surface clean.

Which she did.

Why did people keep thinking she was a boy???


God bless her.

Just churched and in a better mood


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