front seat, looking back

(I remember car rides that seemed longer than they probably were, leaving before it was light out and while we were still in pajamas, and the backseat view of the world I shared with Anthony, and a little later, with Mark too.)

We drove to Southern California – baby’s first earthquake! – to spend Easter weekend with my parents and family.

Alice slept through much of the trip. She slept through the dyeing of Easter eggs and through hunting them the next morning. She slept through mass.

Nina Tricia supervises

Alice takes it in from the sidelines.

But she didn’t sleep through everything.

She plays with her cousin, Maria and her tia, Mary.

She plays with her grandparents.

It has been fun over the past few weeks to see her wake up to more and more of her little world. Lately, her hands which she balls up in fists and waves in front of her face and stuffs in her mouth. And her tongue, which she has discovered she can chew on and also stick out at will.

And someday, some trip, she will notice the cows in Coalinga, that windmill off I-5 in Santa Nella too.

Front seat, looking back. I-5. April 5, 2010


One thought on “front seat, looking back

  1. One of my favorites, because it was the first time I met Alice in person!!!
    I love all your blogs (stories)…please keep them coming.
    I share them with Nana, and they are the highlight of her day!
    Love ya guys.

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