we go round and round

One of our shower gifts was a baby’s-first-year calendar with blank spaces on each page for taping in pictures and recording developments. I love it, of course. Every month, there’s a space to write down her “favorites.” I know it’s early, but I feel like “nursery mobile” is going to be a recurring fave.

Right now, in fact, it’s the only thing I would call a favorite of Alice’s. She has many preferences, sure. But favorite? Mobile.

She starts smiling and looking up as soon as her head hits the mattress. She will kick and coo there for a really long time — for sure long enough for me to brush my teeth and comb my hair, or to put a diaper bag together.

But then I feel kind of guilty because, let’s face it, it’s four little stuffed farm animals following each other in slow circles while Brahms’s Lullaby tinkles on and on. And on. (We wanted to buy one of those design-award-winning, developmentally superior things, but haven’t yet.)

I just don’t get what can so captivate her, you know?

But maybe she comes by it honestly.

Thanks, Dad!

(And in a pinch, a human mobile will do.)


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