One of the first lucid thoughts I had after Alice was born was, “Oh, my gosh, she looks just like David. Like, just like him.”

And not really like me at all.

Still a resemblance, no?

David’s sister, Anne, gave him an anthropological explanation: That newborns tend to look more like their fathers so that a dad, assured the baby is his, will be more inclined to care for her.  And that, after a while, the child will start looking more like the mother too.

In the meantime, people are pretty diplomatic about it. “Oh, I see both of you.” “I think she has your eyelashes.”

Hazel? Brown?

And so I look… “Maybe those are my eyelashes?”

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter if she never looks a thing like me. I know she’s mine, and I think she does too.

 But it is fun to see what mix of him and me and everyone else before us this little girl is becoming all the time.


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