coming home more fun than leaving

Yesterday, while I waited to pick her up, I made a light blanket and this funny-looking doll.

I was going for grab-able and eat-able with the "bear."

 So, I know I am being maudlin. But when I drive home without Alice in the back (or like this morning, come home with an empty stroller. Oh, Lord.), I get all teary, thinking, ‘Oh, this is where we used to take our walks.’

Etc. And then I think, ‘Get a hold of yourself. It’s not a breakup.’

On our way out.

 But it’s getting a little easier. I think.

Yesterday when I picked her up, she was being rocked and her bottle was being warmed, so I stayed to feed her there, and one of the ladies asked, “So, is that just how she eats?”

I hadn’t realized there was anything unique about how she eats. But, yeah that’s how she eats – slowly, with little breaks for chitchat and smiles, if you’re lucky. You’ll have to get to know her. It’s taken me almost four months. And counting.

Home again. She is very grabby and eat-y lately.

I start work again tomorrow. This is funny: Before I started my maternity leave, I came up with a long list of projects I wanted to finish while I was off. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Were they laughing at me behind my back?


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