a last day

It was kind of our thing for a while – for David and I, I mean – to walk down to the taco truck about once a week and have lunch on the steps of the Civic Auditorium.

And today, that’s where we had our last worktime lunch together.

For the past six years, we’ve worked at the same newspaper. (A really fun thing that I most definitely took for granted). In a week or so, though, he begins another job, his talent takes him to a new opportunity.  It’s really exciting. But today was a last day. And those are usually a little bit sad.

This isn’t where the story started, of course. But it’s been the setting for a lot of the good parts. And I will miss those lunches and seeing him across the newsroom.

Alice was in my left arm, so you can't see her. But she's there.

I picked Alice up from day care a little early so she could come to her dad’s big send off and hear all the praises heaped upon him. She was napping when I signed her out, but had only been asleep for about 15 minutes.

So I was worried she was going to be tired and cranky. But, no. She charmed and delighted and seemed at home there at the paper.

New chapters all around this year, huh?


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