Isn’t this charming?

It’s embroidery floss on, I think, burlap. We found it this morning at a church yard sale, and it reminds me of the Victorians in the Midtown neighborhood of Stockton. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but there are flower boxes outside one of the upstairs windows. That’s what earned my 50 cents. It’s on a wall in Alice’s room now.

Except for an oil change appointment that David had, our weekend is unprogrammed. The first one we have had like that in a while. There are things we’d like to do, but no place we really need to be and no set time for us to be there.  And that’s nice.  I love when the calendar is full too. Of course. But the tempo change is welcome. Slow down. Stretch. That kind of thing.

This morning, while Anne went to her karate class (Did I mention that David’s sister is staying with us for a couple of months? She is studying for the bar exam and keeping herself busy with a bunch of other things), David and Alice and I walked to get coffee and then visited that sale in the church gymnasium.

A group of ladies sitting behind a card table called at David to wheel the stroller over. “We want to see the baby.”

They got a couple of smiles out of her.

When we got back home,  I picked a strawberry from one of our plants and shared it with David. It was the most delicious strawberry ever. Seriously. We grew the most delicious strawberry ever. And then we ate it. Sorry.

We didn’t get a whole lot of them, but our other berries are ripe too. The apricots look beautiful. Not quite there yet, but gorgeous. They are going to be awesome, you can just tell.

Feels like summer. Lazy afternoon and everything.


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