in the mail

When Anthony and I were little, our Nana used to send us packages filled with goodies in the mail. We called them “special packages.” They were too big to fit in the mailbox, so we would find them sitting just outside the front door when we came home from school. It was so fun.

Alice has had some lovely mail lately.

How about this Alice in Wonderland tea set sent by cousins Karen, Kirsten, Jeanie and Alicia from all the way in Newfoundland?

Sweet, right? (And I think there’s a little tea table in a garage somewhere that my parents are probably dying to pass on).

From Great Aunt Sue and Great Uncle Denny in Hood River, this pretty blanket. She loves how the satiny border feels against her face.

Now, this one arrived shortly after Alice did, but I don’t think I ever showed it to everyone. It’s a beautiful quilt from Great Aunt Margaret. I had been wondering where I would find a quilt I liked and that coordinated with everything else in Alice’s room. Then this arrived, and it was perfect and gorgeous.

When she was newborn, she used to stare and stare at the fairy gatitas.


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