five months

Around this time last year, I was finally settling down with the idea that she was really coming. And I remember how it fascinated me, even then, that while we would be sharing some space for a while, she already was this unique little thing, entirely her own. That flicker on the ultrasound screen was her heart. Her own heart.

And more and more, she continues to become her own little person. She reaches out for the things that catch her interest, and she studies them with a focus she hasn’t had before. 

She still cannot sit up on her own without tipping over.

But she can laugh.

She can holler.

She can cough to get our attention.

I was expecting cute, but not funny. Funny has been a pleasant surprise. She can be really very funny.

Her day care has one of those giant, six-seater strollers, and when I picked her up one day last week, the babies were just getting back from a walk. And there was Alice. Right up front, smiling and kicking and checking things out. It made me laugh out loud.

She can play.


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