family business

Labor Day weekend is a big one for political campaigns, and on Sunday, David and I both were asked to cover a Teamsters picnic where Jerry Brown made an appearance.

David on his toes/Alice's toes

This has never happened before. It was kind of exciting.

We carpooled. We took turns hanging back with the stroller.

(He said before we left, “But I don’t think I can help you write your story.” Ha. Competitive. To be honest, though, it was a little daunting. Up against a political reporter. Our stories turned out so differently. I think that’s so interesting.)

Who remembers "Where's Waldo?" Find the candidate! Find the Minnesotan journalist!

 What a trooper. She’s so ready. Get her a notebook.

The new reporting arsenal ... includes a bottle.


One thought on “family business

  1. It’s exciting to hear about Alice California Siders being an integral part of the political process (with Teamsters AND Jerry Brown) on September 5, 2010! I can see her taking it all in with those big brown eyes and frequent head turns to make sure she observed all details of a very exciting day. Her great-grandfather would’ve been so proud!

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