reduce, reuse

One of my favorite parts  in The Sound of Music comes after Maria has been told that no, she cannot have any material to sew the children play clothes because “the Von Trapp children don’t play. They march.”

But fabric for new bedroom drapery is already on the way. And, late at night, as Maria leans up against the old curtains, this big, bright lightbulb look spreads across her face.

And then, in the next scene, there are the Von Trapp children! In play clothes! Made of Maria’s old drapes!

In that spirit, here is something David used to wear to work.

 We have a heap of button-downs – like these – that he cannot use anymore  because they are worn thin at the elbows, or they are frayed at the wrists.

I cut this one all apart and put it back together for Alice.

The sleeves became a sash, and the back became the front – the shirt’s yoke made a handy little bodice.

More importantly, the front became the back. Good for me because I am not a seamstress – can you even imagine so many buttons?

Good for Alice because she prefers that clothing not be pulled over her head. Ever if possible.

At first I left the bottom edge just as it was on the original shirt. But then I thought the length, while sweet, was not very practical for a (learning to)crawler.

So I lopped it off, hemmed it up, and we got this end-of-the-summer number.

And I decided I like the bow better up front. Consensus?

I am feeling so industrious. I mean, the plans I have for flannel.


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