just playing

Come in quietly. Watch her play. Just for a minute, before she notices you sitting there.

We call it playing, but when was the last time you approached anything – a block, a sentence, an equation, a painting, a traffic jam – with such focus? With such purpose?

When did you last throw everything you have into figuring this out?

I will spoil the ending here and tell you that on this particular evening, she does not figure out how to push the oval-shaped block into the oval-shaped hole.

But she does learn that if she smacks two blocks together, she can make a loud clapping noise. And that instead of pulling them out one by one, she can upend the box and they will spill out all at once. 

(And while we’re on the subject of play: Peekaboo a few months down the line? A riot! It kills every time.)

Then, prettty soon, she is on to something new.

 There is so much to understand. She is just getting started.


P.S.  Who else loves her rad shirt? Yay!


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