all week long

I kiss them goodbye each morning, and, really, my only prayer is that they both have a good day.

I feel like this covers our health and safety bases – basic and exotic. (You wouldn’t call a good day one on which you lost a toe, for example. Or were chased around by a swarm of enraged bees. After all).

At the end of another good day, our first play date! Here's Alice with the lovely Paula.

And, of course, when I am leaving the day care parking lot without Alice in the backseat, there is more than that to the good day I want for her.

So, may I say, it was like Christmas to pick her up earlier this week and receive a report saying she had a GREAT (underlined) afternoon. That she painted. That she was talking to friends and teachers. That she was Chatty! Playful! Friendly!

I wish I knew the recipe.


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