wild things

On the walk from home to Starbucks, we pass by a house where a man keeps lots and lots of cats and plants silk flowers next to real ones in his backyard.

But of interest here are the cats.  Alice saw a bunch of them sunning themselves on their front lawn the other day and was transfixed.

Like, “More than one? What?”

I think she could have watched them all day, but I felt like one of the cats was assuming a fighting stance, and we walked on.

She seems to really enjoy animals.

So when I had this past Monday off, I decided to take her to the little zoo that’s nearby. We went with Paula and her mama.

Unfortunately, most of the animals seemed kind of sleepy. And the puma and snow leopard I really wanted Alice to see weren’t available – their habitats are being renovated. But there were some rainforest squirrels the girls were really excited about, so that was fun.

Later, they played a little at the park.

Where it dawned on me that Alice’s response to other children is the same as her response to animals.

It all wore her out.


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