you call that crawling?

We do.

A word:

When I said, “Alice, ah-ah,” I was not saying, “Alice, ah-ah, don’t touch the books.”

She can touch the books. It’s fine.

No, I was saying, “Alice, ah-ah, Don’t try to pull yourself up on that book. You will fall.”

Because I don’t like to leave you in suspense, let me say that she did try, and she did fall.

As she has become a more competent crawler, she also has become, I’d say, over-confident in her ability to pull herself up on things.

It’s strange how you can see five seconds into the future: The book slips, her hand with it. She falls, chin first, onto the hardwood.

I still am figuring out when to intervene and when to get out of her way. I feel like this will be a question I ask myself over and over, again and again.


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