goose egg

Please tell me you’ve seen worse. (No, seriously.)


6 thoughts on “bonk

  1. Yes, I saw worse just a few weeks ago when Mia,4, walked into a pole at her school. It required a trip to the doctor but fortunately no stitches.

  2. Yes, I’ve seen worse…namely Johnny, Michael, and Maria. For all three, it was on or about the time of their first birthdays when they began to walk. All had goose eggs centered on their foreheads and noticeable on their first year pictures!
    I had tried vinegar, ice, and whatever remedies suggested to help the swelling go down.
    I had kept them awake per doctors’ orders in case of concussions. I still have never figured out if they were tired from being kept awake or from having a concussion???
    Alice will be okay soon only to “bonk” again as she excitedly explores the world around her!
    Hope to see her soon in person.
    Keep the stories coming!!!

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