diy christmas

Step back. Not too far. Just to the night before the night before:

Our families live half a country apart. And for years now – five, six, seven, maybe – we have been splitting the major holidays between them.

We are not the only ones, I know, and I imagine everyone finds what fits. For us it is this: The night before we travel has become another, quieter holiday.

We ordered a pizza and plugged in the Christmas tree lights one more time. Her first, first Christmas.

Goodness knows my house could have used it, but I never felt that nesting impulse to beat the carpets and dust the blinds and scrub the grout while I was expecting Alice. Kept waiting for it. But, no.

Her birth, though, seems to have initiated some kind of hot glue gun sequence, and I got to feeling so crafty that I wanted to home-make all of our gifts this year.

One of Alice’s was a doll.

(You can depend on my daughter to be sick on pretty much every holiday. This past weekend was no exception. In fact, I’d say, she really outdid herself with what become a truly gruesome, call-the-nurse-at-3a.m. cold for the ages. After watching what I think is the best of our first Christmas clips, all I could think was, “You guys! Wipe her nose! Gross, David. Gross, Jennifer.” So I am posting the second-best of them instead.)


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