when you stop to think about it

It was just some chicken and sweet potatoes. She has had both before.

But something about her sippy cup and her plate –  full of my dinner in miniature, diced up and mashed – about her feeding herself (not with the spoon, the spoon was sort of an aspirational gesture), made me drop my shoulders and tilt my head and think, “Oh, you are big and so, so little.”

If that makes any sense?


Just for fun, here is Alice and the game we call “Night-night, Alice.” It is somewhat involved.

She is down. "Night-night, Alice."

She must get up to rearrange. (As she had already rearranged the magazine rack).

And down again. "Night-night."

And up. Do you begin to understand the object?

Sometimes she misses her mark. And who doesn't, sometimes?


2 thoughts on “when you stop to think about it

  1. Alice is absolutely adorable! Isn’t it all about her life adventures that make every day so special for her and for you (and for the reader)? By the way, you make a great dinner! I’d pass on the spoon, too!!!

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