go get em

This afternoon we went to the Stride Rite for her first pair of real shoes.

The salesman told her to stand up straight so her could measure her feet. He asked me if she is getting around pretty well. I told him that she is trying to, that she is so close.

He nodded and went back to the store room, and when he came back, he was carrying four little boxes.

He opened the first one. “This is your standard walker.” Nice, white lace-up boots. He nudged Alice’s feet inside, tied two neat bows and told her, “Stand up real straight now.”

I nodded. I said OK.

We tried on the others. Stood her up straight, walked her around the shop, pressed down on the toes – enough room. “What do you think?” I asked her. “Pretty nice, right?”

“These Velcro ones, do they come in a darker color than white?”

He said he would check.

He came back with silver, and she wore them out of the store. (Sometime when I am not so sentimental, can we talk about how I haven’t spent that much money on actual grown-up shoes in a long time?)

Tomorrow I will drop her off at day care like I normally do, except with a dozen mini cupcakes and a stack of cute party napkins. Is that right? Is that how you do it? Because part of me feels like I should be leading a parade.


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