yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time

She is almost always happy to see me when I reappear at day care after work. She screams and claps and speed crawls to my feet. If I don’t pick her up fast enough, she whimpers.

There are two little boys who follow her and who look up at me, grinning hopefully. “Mama? mama?” they ask. Like, “You seem to have come from wherever it is the mothers go. Did you happen to see mine while you were there?”

I never know what to say. “I think she’s on her way,” I tell them. “I bet she will be here very soon.”

Alice, on my hip, yelps to get my attention. Or she taps my cheek. I look at her, and she wants a kiss.

This almsot kills me.

David called us when he was about 20 minutes from home. We waited for him in the living room. The clock chimed, and she looked up. She waved at the clock. Lately, she waves at everything she is fond of. The cat, the backdoor, a toy that plays music.

“Da Da,” she said.

“Mmm…. Nope. Clock.”

But she knows the sound of his car in the driveway.

Happy Valentine’s Day. We hope you found some good ones in there.


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