house rules

When we got home this afternoon, we took off our shoes and sat down in the kitchen.

She got a snack. I got my makeup retouched. (I always forget the inside of my nose.)

Then I got a kiss and a mouthful of carrots. The last mashed up carrots of our babyfood days.

Later, in the basement, we blew an entire tube full of bubbles because, well, I say we can, and I’ll deal with the soap in the carpet some other time.

I do not understand the chemistry of these bubbles, but it is genius. They come out light enough that the rush of air from just our laughter sends them floating to the ceiling. But they form a membrane tough enough that Alice can catch them and hold them on her fingers for more than a few seconds. And when they finally pop, they shrivel up into almost nothing. Grayish specks on our cheeks and eyelashes.


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