in no mood

The last time Alice and I went over to visit our next-door neighbor, she asked, “Do you find that she tends to get fussy just as you’re getting ready to cook dinner?”

Gah. (was my first thought). She can hear that?

But no. She was only reminiscing.

I don’t know how we first stumbled into The Wonder Weeks, but the glass-half-fullness of the title alone makes me smile. It’s a child development approach – and a book – that suggests infants have predictable periods of clingy crankiness- Wonder Weeks – that correspond with periods of major cognitive growth. Like, noticing patterns at 8 weeks or  recognizing categories at 40. It all requires a lot of brain work, and that, in turn, creates a grouchy kiddo – until she’s gotten her head around the new mental skill and things settle down again.  

I’m a skeptic about a lot of parenting guides. But so far, there seems to be something to this one. (With Alice as our only subject).

Last week, Alice came home with nothing but sad-faced reports: That she was weepy and whiney, that she fought her naps.

She wasn’t sick. Not obviously teething.

“Well,” we nodded as she collapsed into a puddle of nonspecific rage over her breakfast yogurt. “Wonder Week.”

And, no kidding, that afternoon I got a “Leap Alarm” email from The Wonder Weeks folks letting me know that Alice was due for another mental growth spurt. So there you go.

Alphabet soup. Ha.

I was going to tell the ladies at her day care about it, but before I could, one of them said, “You know, I think she’s been fussy like this because of the new baby we have.”

“The new baby?”

“Yeah. He cries all the time. And you know how Alice is so sensitive. We think it makes her sad, too.”

Aw. So generous.

(Anyhow, I think she’s over it now.)


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