spilled milk

Add to the list of adorable toddler feats mastered “Correct use of drinking straw” and “Correct use of the phrase, ‘uh oh.'”

She is pounding on the windows, saying, "Da-Da." Aw. That sounds sad. But it's not. She thinks it is funny and exciting.

When she is eating something she likes, she says, “Mmmmmmm.”

When she is eating something I don’t want her to have, say, because her mouth is already too full, or because it is definitely impossible that she will like this thing she is eating, she says, “Mmmmmmm.”

I say, Baloney.

She says, “Mmmmmmm.”

Only louder, this time, and with more flourish.

I needed five more minutes at the grocery store the other afternoon. Plus check-out time. And I figured I could buy it with a carton of chocolate milk.  

“Oh, my gosh! Take it easy! Your shirt!”


I am not a lady who eats as she shops and hands the cashier an empty wrapper to ring up. I try not to be a lady whose kid is drenched in chocolate milk. I wanted to say to strangers who didn’t care anyway, “We’re totally going to pay for this,” and “She was totally clean when we got here.”

Add to the list of ways she humbles me.

Ugh. What do we think? Hopeless? I doused it with Shout ...


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