batter up

Have I told you she has graduated to the toddler room at her day care?

When I drop her off, the other kids, all a little bit older,  say, “Ala, Ala. Hi, Ala!”

It is funny and charming. And encouraging, of course, to know that she is expected there, that she belongs.

But then, I think, who is this Ala, my girl when I’m not with her? (And is that something I teach her, or that she shows me?)

She can follow simple instructions.

I am amused and amazed at how studiously she applies herself to the little tasks I set in front of her. It would make you almost cry.

Wait, no, salmonella!


Cat’s out of the bag.

Happy birthday to David. We saved him some.

(I could post, like, 90 more cupcake pictures. You wouldn’t be disappointed.)


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