On Easter, we went to a sunrise service where Alice reliably furnished the zany and delightful outbursts that are the reason to bring toddlers to church.

This is the Body of Christ. 


Sermon sermon sermon sermon sermon 

All done?

Sermon sermon sermon  sermon 

Allllll done?

And on the way home, we stopped for Easter doughnuts.

It's still cold here in the morning. Under the bundle, Alice had a lovely Easter dress from tias Mary and Debbie. And do you believe David's mother made her sweater? Isn't it so pretty?

Here is a puzzle. The cow gives her some trouble.

(In your head, were you saying something encouraging, like, “Turn it, turn it,” or, “Other way?”)

If I ask her to stay put – like while I’m trying to find the other sock or unzipping the sweatshirt – she freezes and then backs up slowly, an inch at a time, figuring, I guess, that as long as she maintains eye contact, I will not notice her leaving. Until she is far enough away, and then she goes.


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