Alice's Royal Wedding hangover

My grandfather has turned 80, and we celebrated with a surprise party.

It was Grandma who cried when they walked into the room as though she hadn’t known all along what was waiting for them.  I love that. The physical power of a happy secret finally let loose. (And grandmothers, by the way, are the ones who show you about laughing so hard you cry, and later, about crying so hard you laugh.)

Alice wanted to dance. As long as she also could be held.

Do not be mistaken. Baby Victor is the super dancer, angry here because his mama is holding him back.

My mama and my daughter.


In a way, that’s a fair encapsulation of her personality. And if I am being honest, mine.

The crash

Grandpa comes from a family of rich and romantic given names. Aurelio … Ambrosia … Adeladio …

His is Valdemar, which the naming dictionaries tell me is a variation of Walter. But it has always hit my ear as something more special. I hear something like “valley of the sea.”

How amazing it is that you can draw a perfect line from him to her.


2 thoughts on “cumpleaños

  1. FELIX cumpleaños to your grandpop! 80 is the new 20, i love surprise party.
    love the photos it look like he had tons of fun.

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