My eyes itch, but I think I could come around on spring.

Everything keeps growing.

Alice loves to touch flowers. She almost never pulls. I wish I knew how she learned that. This afternoon, she stuck her face in one of the roses. It was the first time I had seen her do it, and she seemed embarrassed and shy that I had noticed. I wish I knew if she really smelled the flower and if she thought it was a nice thing to smell.

I am deliriously excited that there are any cherries.

I don’t even like more than a handful of cherries a season. But, seriously, they look like little miracles.

It’s a lot of apples, isnt’ it? I imagine we should have culled them. Do you know?

I know that our first year here we planted carrot seeds, and that once they sprouted, I was supposed to thin them out by half. But which? I couldn’t decide, and it was a failure. 


There also are grapes coming. And blueberries, raspberries, nectarines, lemons and oranges. (They’re still measly whiteish-yellowish things mostly. But we’re checking on them all the time.)


5 thoughts on “outside

  1. What a vision of abundance and variety! You are so lucky to be able to grow all those fruits and to teach Alice how to care for the earth. Once, when David was about 10 years old I visited the Siders in Duluth and bought a T-shirt saying ‘Compost happens!’. I loved it and wore it for years and years. In your garden you can show Alice how compost happens too….It is wonderful that she loves flowers and takes care with them. From a little gardener’s almanac:’ A love of life begins in the garden…’ (the rest is toooooo cheesy)
    Enjoy your summer

    • Yes! So fortunate.I think this year she will enjoy picking the fruit, at least, and maybe by next year, some of the rest of it. We have yet to try composting. One of our good friends uses worms – maybe a good project.

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