words and pictures

Where we go to play, there is a little girl who, without fail, walks over and offers Alice her beach ball or maracas or whatever she was playing with. Things she had first, that no one would blame her for hanging onto. She’s only 2 and a half, I think. Her mother never says anything about it, but I can tell she is so proud that her daughter shares. And I am happy to give them the platform.


Something I am proud of –  if it’s cool to say so –  is how much Alice really enjoys books. She loves to be read to. She walks over to you with a book in her arms, stops short about three feet, and backs up the rest of the way into your lap. It is completely irresistible. And if you’re quiet about it, sometimes you can catch her reading to herself.

A da bada bada – Oh! – bada da bada – Gata? – bada – Nite-nite.

Most of her books end with nite-nite. It is something I hadn’t noticed before about children’s literature. Nite-nite, and as you’re closing it up, a-giiiin?

(Can I tell you that there was a morning I read “Is Your Mama a Llama” so many times that for the rest of the day I was thinking in that cadence? “‘Is your mama a llama?’ I asked my friend Rhonda. ‘No, she is not,’ is how Rhonda responded….” It’s a great little book, though. I can’t blame her.)

I got myself back in the library’s good graces, and the other day, we took her for the first time.

I mean, we’ve been to the library before for story hours and things, but not to browse and borrow.

She was pretty excited and sort of overwhelmed. There were puzzles and her-sized chairs and lots of low shelves.

We came home with a couple of farm-y books because she is into that lately and because she can name most of the animals now. Or at least the sounds they make. Approximations of the sounds they make.

And David picked out this one for her. It’s called “How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats?” He thought it would appeal to her sensibilities. Totally right on.

P.S. An overdue welcome to new cousin Edith! Hooray for Babies!


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