front porch: bounty

It happens with such little intervention. I just can’t get over that.

For a few hours late this afternoon, the temperature wobbled around the low 80s. It was the first time in weeks. There was rain over the weekend. And real rain,not just a springish drizzle. A friend of ours said you should be able to plan five years in advance for a June picnic in California, counting on sunny weather.

 But I know that soon it will be too hot and sticky to even remember how long the cold overstayed.

The blackberries are ripening, about five or six at a time. It’s not enough for anything much but snagging a handful on your way to the door. But that works for us.

A word on blackberries, though: They’re a bit vicious. They look like dinosaur plants.


I can remember eating kumquats off a shrub in the backyard – and peeling them first. In the context of greater citrus, I think it made good sense. But no one told me I was flicking away the only part that was sweet.


One thought on “front porch: bounty

  1. Love kumquats for making marmalade….nicer than any other marmalade that I have ever had. Something of the tastes of all the different citrus is there using only this one fruit…

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