first days

It was the first week of school for the older kids at Alice’s day care center. I dropped her off too late on Tuesday to see any of the first-day kisses goodbye.

She ran through the sprinklers. Then played with chalk.

But for the past two weeks, we have seen the carpets getting vacuumed (she squeezes my hand tight) and the walls being scrubbed, and even though there was no summer break for Alice and there is no new classroom now, it feels like the start of things over there.

Her teacher has asked me to bring in four photos of Alice, which is easy. But also a family photo. I’ve looked, and there are only a few of the three of us all together. All of them are really old.  Well, from Alice’s infancy. She wouldn’t recognize herself.  We photograph mostly in pairs, I guess.

Fun technological quirk: When scrolling through the photos on our camera, the last picture I have taken – for now, it’s something to do with chalk art – runs right into the first picture on the memory card: one of me pregnant a couple of Christmases ago. The space between them has gotten so wide.


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