Alice had a doctor’s appointment earlier this week. A check-up. She had two shots. The doctor held a light to her ear and pressed his stethoscope against her chest and belly.

Sounds good, he told her.

She is tall for her age. Her weight is about average. She spent most of the appointment in bare feet, scribbling on a few pieces of scrap paper that I brought with us from home.


“Mmmm…. A snake?”

“A duck.”

At the end of the appointment, like at the end of all the appointments, he asked if I had any questions or concerns. I know that I did a month or so ago. I was saving them up. But in the meantime they escaped me.

She’s good, I think. 

We didn’t buy a lot of how-to parenting books. But the ones we had, I read almost superstitiously, cover to cover. Even the parts about how to change a diaper, how to hold a baby – stuff I’d done before. Just in case? Better safe? I don’t know.

When she’s had enough sleep, Alice wakes up saying, “Wozzat?” wiping crazy tousled sleep hair out of her eyes. “Wozzat?” What’s next. Let’s go.

What’s that?

I love it. And I think she’s good.


*By the way, pretty summer shirt, right? Our friend dyed it! And she wrote up a fun tutorial here.


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