A few of the trees were here when we moved in, but I can date most of the fruit in our garden to the fall and early winter just before Alice was born. We found a nursery we liked and visited over several weekends until we had what we wanted. (I was more ridiculous-looking each time, I think. Jeans that wouldn’t stay up and a raincoat that didn’t button.) Anyway, it’s a nice way to mark time, and it’s how I can tell you that it took almost two years and plenty of coaching from friends who know from grapes for us to grow any.

Or maybe that’s just how long grapes take.

(We grew apples too! Over the weekend, Alice and my mom baked some with cinnamon and ate them over vanilla ice cream.)

We planted mostly wine grapes, and we did that on purpose, but I cannot really recall what the purpose was. Maybe we were going to make wine? That seems ambitious.

The purple ones are in the backyard and they are really beautiful.

Along the front porch are green. One vine is table grapes and the other chardonnay. I had guessed the table grapes to be the fatter, rounder ones. But David figures the smaller grapes for table grapes because they are so much sweeter. They’re also seedless. 

But they are awfully tiny. Maybe they are not meant to be picked yet? We’re just guessing over here.

Anyway, Alice enjoys them.



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