summer still

Alice has spent nearly all of this summer in a pair of red Salt-Water sandals that were so stiff at first the salesman suggested I soak them in water to help soften up the leather and conform the shoes to her feet.

When the doctor saw her last month, he noticed the tan lines the sandals left behind.

“I see she’s been getting some sun,” he said.

Just that.

I didn’t know if it was criticism or compliment. A warning about the shortcomings of my suncreen application, or a high-five for seeing to it that the kiddo has plenty of fresh air.

Probably just an observation. She has gotten some sun.

She pulls her sandals out of the closet and carries them to you, asking, “Outside? Outside?”


What would you do with bunches of wine grapes if you weren't going to make wine? (These ones in particular happen to be sweet enough to eat just as they are. Lucky.)

It was my plan that, in September, I would start putting real shoes on her. Fall shoes. But the pair I bought last spring, a size too big thinking she would grow into them, don’t fit yet.

Almost, almost.

So we are squeezing a few more weeks of summer into her Salt-Waters. 

A little later this afternoon, she desperately wanted to be outside when we very much needed to keep her in. As she was pounding on the back door, and I was trying to distract her with books and Crayolas, I remembered that I could make a batch of homemade Play-Doh out of flour, salt, water and vegetable oil.


I feel like a parenting genius when I realize there is a play-doh recipe to summon from my repertoire.


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