the ends of long days

Alice got thwacked this morning in some sort of playground accident involving a toy telephone.

Her day care called to let me know because her eye swelled up pretty quickly. But after some ice, she got right back to playing, so we decided she could stay.

It doesn’t look too bad. It’s threatening to turn purple overnight, though.

After getting past “Alice has had a little accident” and working out that she was all right after all, I sent a text message to David, whom I haven’t really seen this week.

Alice got a black eye (sad face)


She got hit on the playground. They said she is OK but it’s swollen.

Poor kid. How’s the other kid look, is what I want to know

Poor Alice. She is playing in the baby room today.

Oh. My heart sinks

What a strange time in our lives

And I meant that I was struck with this feeling of “We are going to look back on this.”

Weeks end. Days end. Mornings end.  I think, “OK. We made it. OK.”

(Can you read lips? She is saying, “More!”)

(But don’t worry. It’s OK. There was a little bit more.)

Did you know that there are few things Alice finds so charming as a her-sized chair? True! This is part of a pair meant for the patio. They were sent up by my parents. And thank goodness too. They were just the thing.


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