Several weeks ago, there was sign-up sheet outside Alice’s day care classroom. It asked, can you help out as a parent volunteer? (Yes!) And then, what times are you available? (Ugh.)

I was thinking, “Darn, I’m not really available at times that would be useful to a day care.” That’s why Alice goes to day care, right? Feeling guilty and slightly punched in the gut, I signed up anyway, leaving the time field blank.

And then! This week, Alice’s teacher asked, would I make up a batch of Pumpkin Play-Doh if she gave me the ingredients and a simple recipe?

And I was, like, “Yes! I can totally make up a batch of Pumpkin Play-Doh!” Which, by the way, is pretty much your standard flour, salt, oil and water make-at-home dough, only you add food coloring and pumpkin spice. It smells delicious. It must taste awful. How cruel. And also, how fun!

Highlight of my week, for sure. Feeling very happy and craftmom-ish, I went on to pull out some paint and a length of rough cotton to try apple printing with Alice.

Our apple tree in mid-October is a dicey affair. That one on the right turned out to be wormy. Disgusting!

Also, apple printing is not so effortless as craftier people make it look.

Still. It was simple. The right kind of messy.

And it was good to feel 90 minutes go by like five. Hard to worry about not enough time when it comes flying at you that way.

I think it might become a table runner. Not sure.

(My mistake. It’s obviously a star.)


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