and kansas, she says, is the name of the star

Really, the only reason Alice was dressed as Dorothy Gale for Halloween is that those sparkle shoes were killing me. And pigtails? I might never recover from the barrage of cute.

She has seen parts of the movie, and I think she enjoyed it, but, like last year’s costume, this one was about me.  And I don’t feel bad admitting it: When Halloween comes around next year, Alice will be almost 3, and I figure I’ll lose a lot of  say-so in the matter from then out.

She's pointing at the moon. When it's crescent-shaped, she says, "happy moon." Can you even stand it?

 A funny thing about Halloween with a toddler is how baffled she seemed by so much of what was happening. On Sunday evening, we carved pumpkins in the backyard. She poked a finger in some pumpkin goo, and shook it off with alarmed distate.

As we kept cutting and scooping, she kept saying, “Mama, hand!” “Daddy, hand!” Like, “Gross! You guys! Don’t you see what you’re doing? Just look at your hands!”

But after they were finished, with lights inside, she became attached to the pumpkins. It was hard work convincing her to leave them sitting on the porch without us.

I thought she might like handing out candy.

The first kids who came to the door were adorable girls dressed adorably in adorable dresses and bracelets that jangled.

Alice found the encounter unnerving.

She trick-or-treated three neighbors and called it a night.

We hope you had a fun Halloween!


2 thoughts on “and kansas, she says, is the name of the star

  1. Alice looked absolutely adorable. Now Nana wants to add ruby red slippers to her Christmas list!The blue latex gloves from the “emergency room visit” would’ve come in handy for your pumpkin carving:) Victor and Samuel stopped by to dine on Halloween. Victor was extremely cautious with the unfamiliar faces as Mike passed out candy. Samuel was totally excited using his very expressive vowel sounding vocabulary! Hope your Halloween was fun, too!

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