warm woolen mittens

Fear of snow and wildfire kept us from driving up to Lake Tahoe after work on Friday night as we had planned.

But we left early enough on Saturday morning to have most of the day there, and we stayed overnight in a dollhouse of a cabin. When we set our bags down inside, I said, “We have to come back!”

David said, “We just got here.”

But you know that feeling, right?

We showed Alice the snow. She called it “town.”

There were ugly battles over mittens. They all ended in a version of “You just have to wear them. That’s all. Done.” Which I hate. Although I know it sounds silly, I always kind of expect that I eventually will be able to bring her around to my way of thinking. But sometimes she will not be persuaded. And then what?

We hiked a little ways up a Forest Service road to a spot where there was a pretty view of the lake. When we got back to the cabin, we mixed hot cocoa and made shadow puppets on the ceiling with a flashlight I found in the closet.

On Sunday morning, we ate oatmeal in our pajamas and stopped at a place called Apple Hill on the way back home.

crisp apple strudels

Now and then, Alice points outside and insists, “Town house! Town house!”

Snow house. Obviously, we have to go back. 

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