welcome, christmas!

On the advice of our good friend who attended elementary school there, we went to St. Luke’s this evening for the children’s Mass where sweet kids dressed as angels and shepherds reenacted the Nativity. There was a real infant Jesus who woke up only at the very end of the pageant, squirming in the arms of a poised, but nervous-seeming child Mary.

They sang “Little Drummer Boy.” It’s one of my favorites.

Alice insisted on wearing sunglasses into the chapel, and her dad had to carry her out before the service was finished. But, in fairness, she had just woken up from a long nap after a lovely brunch hosted by some other friends. They were recently married and, just like us, away from their families for the first time at Christmas. We brought port and meringues and jars of lemon curd I made last night.

And I think that, if you have to do it without family, this is very good way.


Don't know if you can tell, but the crust is marbled red and green. It was awesome.

We have had our famous Christmas pizza.

We are thinking about hot chocolate.

A wonderful gift from David’s parents

We will take one more look at the Christmas lights across the street.

(psst.. did you hear Garrison in the background?)

Love to all.


4 thoughts on “welcome, christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas, David, Jenn and Alice! I’m so glad you have the piano!
    And so sorry that Vicky and Paul were hexed by that nasty flu. I hope that you’ll all be together in the new year. Much love from Newfoundland!


  2. Wow… Alice is sure a cutie! Love hearing her voice. Merry Christmas you guys! We had a very mellow time here in Yakima, just our family although Bryan and Soite are coming to visit tomorrow.

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