class party

With a little bit of time free at lunch on Tuesday, I was able to visit Alice’s classroom for the Valentine’s Day pizza party. (My dad, who had been spending the past few days with us, came too).

I almost never get to see the person she is at day care, in the context of 20 other 2-year-olds, without me.

I learned that, at day care, she eats raw broccoli if it’s on her plate. Even cauliflower.

Biting into a slice of cheese pizza, instead of the tiny, chewable pieces I cut for her when she is with me, she looks older than I know she is. And at the same time, more like a baby. So independent and also so small. She squared her tiny shoulders to fend off a boy angling for her grapes. (You should never try to take Alice’s grapes, by the way. She is fierce when it comes to her grapes).

I know it’s a little late, but Happy Valentine’s Day. We love you.





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