so much

Let me tell you how Alice says, “I love you.”

She says, “So much.”

As in, “Mommy, so much.”

And I say, I love you so much.”

“Mommy so much too.”

I know it won’t last, and in fact I have a feeling I’ll probably almost forget it after a while. Except that, from time to time, I know I’ll remember.

Anyway, for now, it’s the sweetest.

Every night, after David reads her stories, Alice wants me to climb in bed next to her until she falls asleep.

Then, when we’re nose to nose on her pillow, she nearly gouges my eye out with her little index finger.

“Mommy have brown eyes.”

“Mommy has brown eyes.”

“Alice have brown eyes.”

“You have brown eyes too! We both have brown eyes.”

“Daddy no have brown eyes.”


“Daddy have hazool eyes.”

“When did you learn ‘hazel?'”

“Daddy no have hazool eyes!”

“Oh no?”

“Daddy have brown eyes!” And then she giggles like it’s the funniest joke you’ve ever heard.


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