A few times a week at least, around 3 or so in the morning, Alice wakes up and gets out of bed and comes looking for me.

I’m a pretty light sleeper. I hear her before she gets very far.

Still, it always startles me to find her stumbling, half-blind, down the hallway. Not where I left her.

“Mama? Hold you?”

We meet in the middle. I bring her back to bed. And she sleeps soundly for a few more hours.

This morning, I asked whether something scares her at night.

Yes, she said. Dinosaurs.

“Dinosaurs try to scare me.”

“Dinosaurs scare you?”

“Yes. Dinosaurs scare me.”

“Wow. Yeah. I can see that. How come they scare you? Is it because they’re big? Or because they’re loud? Or because they eat little girls?”

“Really loud. Raaawr! Try to scare me.”


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