As of last week, Alice is 2-and-a-half years old. Closer to preschool than to infancy and just barely a toddler anymore.

I start to see a little girl when I look at her – I mean, a kid. As opposed to a baby. And for the first time ever, I am holding a list of classroom supplies – glue sticks and crayons and a watercolor palette – that I need to buy in time for the first day of school next week. 


She’ll be the youngest in her class and likely the smallest. We had the option of holding her back with the 2-year-olds for another year, but I think she’s ready. I think she’ll hold her own. 


Lately she is more theatrically sensitive than she has been in the past. If we raise our voices just a little – or even put the slightest edge on them – she scolds us, “Don’t mao me!”

Don’t mao me. That makes us all laugh. I think it might be a mispronunciation of “yell?” 

Or maybe she’s just highly literate. 

Honestly, both explanations are equally plausible.



One thought on “two-and-a-half

  1. Happy 2.5 to your little girl! I wonder too about this age, as mine is the same as yours. Are they still toddlers? Preschoolers? Either way, they’re growing up :)

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