one month


You might not believe me because it’s still too soon, but Soledad smiles. 

And not just a fake-out, newborn practice smile, but a real, ray-of-sunshine, I-can-survive-a-dozen-more-nights-like-last-night-as-long-as-you-keep-smiling-at-me smile. 

It is hard to believe she has been here for a month. For only a month, for already a month. And she is just beginning to wake up to the world.


She has bright eyes and dark hair. She is long and slight. Since the morning she was born, she has sighed sweet little baby sighs in her sleep.

She has a cry like a wind-up when she is annoyed, but not yet angry. She has a cry like a yelp when she is still drowsy but would rather sleep against your chest than in her cradle.

From 6 to 10 in the evening, she will not settle, and I try to remind myself that this part is over so, so soon.



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