Sweet Alice operates from a base of caution and sensitivity. She always has. And I think I have done a solid job of accommodating that because it’s a tendency I recognize as mine too.

It took a week of negotiations to get her to try on a new pair of shoes. No exaggeration.

For days after we brought home her sister, she ran to her room, covering her ears at even the whiney beginnings of a cry.

When she was a baby, and it was time for her first bath, she absolutely howled.

So we expected, at first, that bathing Soledad would be another two-parent job.


“Remember,” we prepared Alice one night when the baby was still only a few days home from the hospital. “She doesn’t know what a bath is. It might scare her a little bit, and she might cry pretty loud.”

She startled. And blinked. And that was it.


Alice likes to help with her toes. “I love her tiny feet,” she says. “I love her tiny face.”


One thought on “bath

  1. If bathing was so easy, can you imagine Soledad trying on shoes…she’ll have a shoe fetish as a toddler! I love her feet! They’re too cute :)

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