four months


Both girls were in the car with me on Monday morning, Soledad’s first day at day care.

Alice – sensing the sea change, I guess – began to reminisce.

“Mama, renember when Baby was in your belly?”

“I remember.”

“Then she came out.”

“Yep. Here she is.”

“And renember she brought me a seal?”

I had bought a toy – a stuffed seal – for Soledad to give to Alice at the hospital when they met for the first time. It made a good impression.


If you have ever read any books about parenting a baby, you will have read that you should put the baby down to sleep when she is still awake.

Every time I read that I thought, “But how will the baby ever fall asleep if you put her down awake?” No kidding, we might  be cuddling Alice to sleep when she’s 12.


At 4 months old, Soledad can roll over, back to front and front to back. She is drooling like a faucet and cooing like a lullaby. And, when it’s bedtime, she falls asleep on her own, even if you put her down awake.

It’s a little miracle and a little heartbreak.

She has just about outgrown her bassinet, and David said the other night that he figured she’s ready to sleep in her crib in the room she’ll share with Alice.

But I’m not ready.

“She’s ready,” Alice reassured me. “When she snores, I will say, ‘Shhh! Baby, I’m trying to sleep.”



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