five months


For a few nights last month, Soledad slept straight through until 5 or 6 in the morning. It was wonderful. We thought we had crossed a threshold. Hooray, we cheered. It all gets easier from here.

But it only lasted a few days. She started waking up again. At 1 or at 3. Sometimes both.

We had just moved her out of the bassinet and into her crib, and wondered if she needed time to adjust.

Then we thought she might be teething.

And then we remembered her stuffed-up nose and guessed it was a cold that kept waking her up.

Any night now, I keep hoping. She’ll sleep again. But for now, we’re up at 1 or at 3 and sometimes both.

But you forgive her anything because when she wakes up – after she settles down from the initial fussing – she beams so brightly you catch yourself laughing out loud. She just wants to smile and coo and giggle. At 1 or 3 in the morning. And what else can you do? There is so much sunshine in her heart.


She loves to play with toys now, and she loves to watch Alice – and Alice is much more interested in playing with her. It is very sweet.


I have learned that the reason babies hold onto your fingers so tightly is that it’s a hardwired reflex. The palmar grasp reflex. When you press their tiny palms, instinct tells them to grab on and hold. It doesn’t last forever though. After a while, you hold out your hand, and sometimes they take it and sometimes they don’t.

I have also learned that around 5-months-old is when the palmar grasp reflex starts to fade, so I am trying to memorize the feeling.


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