ten months


Soledad can say “dada” and mean it – we are pretty sure about that. 

She says “gata” too, like Alice did, when she sees the cat.

And I almost think she says “mama.” Something like it, at least. “Mmmmmamamamamamama.”

She was shrieking, like she does, at the dinner table the other night, and Alice said, “Oh, Baby, I don’t even know what you’re thinking about.”

At 10-months-old, Soledad lives to say hello. She waves wildly and smiles goofily and babbles and charms. But she has heartbreaking separation anxiety. She cries when anyone leaves a room she is in. It doesn’t have to be me or David or Alice – she just doesn’t like to see anyone go.

So if you are planning to come around, plan to stay awhile. 

Soledad does not wave goodbye. She cries.


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