eleven months


One of the best things to do with Soledad when she’s cranky – or even when she isn’t – is to sit her on a big bed and let her romp around like a lion cub.

One of her favorite things in the whole world is to throw herself back into a pillow. She laughs and laughs like there was never anything funnier. Then she wriggles back up and does it again.

She is as silly and sunny as ever.

But she is also a little short-tempered. She has no patience when the last crumb of cookie is swallowed or the last drink of milk is sipped. She yells when you won’t let her pull the pen out of your purse or the glasses off your nose. An angry and defiant yell that takes all of us by surprise.

She likes to play peekaboo and another game that she and I invented. We call that game “Is it a hat?”

She stands and claps and gives high-fives. She is so, so close to walking. There will be one step and then there will be 10.

11 months


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